Iowa Wedding Items, buy/sell/trade

Hello group. Here it is. If you cannot follow the rules of the group you will be deleted. #1. Location and price need to be posted on all item. That means each picture MUST include price and location. #2. Once an item is sold, you Must delete it. So that means once you put SPPU, you have to follow through and delete it or comment "available" if the sale fell through. #3. There will be no reposting or sharing of your post. Once it is posted you MUST comment something on it to bump the post. You may think, "oh they will never know," but we do. We see everything that is posted and we have great memories!!! #4. There will be no bidding on any items. They are first come first serve. If we find that you are not being fair to everyone, you will be deleted and blocked instantly. #5. If you cannot follow through with meeting someone, let them know asap. If it becomes a habit of yours to not meet up with people, you will be deleted and blocked instantly. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me. Thank you,