Osceola Rants, Raves & Reviews List

This group started as a free "Angie's List" - it has since grown and expanded to include discussions of local events, information and matters of personal interest to group members. Share any experiences, recommendations or ideas you may have - this is your public forum to speak out and be heard.

There are 3 rules for this group:

1. Please make CERTAIN that your rants/raves are factual, true and that they are your own experience (not your wife’s, brother’s or friend’s experience). Try to resolve any problems you encounter with the management of a local business you have had a problem with prior to commenting. Take into consideration that your rant can affect local people who may be your neighbors. For non business related rants, please do not post names, photos or identifying details.

2. Be respectful of other members. Opposing viewpoints are welcome – being rude to or maligning a member whose opinion differs from yours is not. Please word your responses accordingly. Disrespect (i.e. name calling) towards another member, posting inappropriate, disparaging or inflammatory comments, blocking an admin and/or arguing with an admin is cause for being banned without warning. NO personal attacks on group members or members of our community will be tolerated. If you have a problem, feel free to private message (pm) one of the admins: Joanne Harmon, Lesa Loeber or Cindy Kuhns.

3. Posts that are NOT ALLOWED and will be deleted along with original poster:
• Links/invitations to other yard sale/selling groups or other FB groups
• MLM type links/invitations
• Gofundme type posts
• Household/clothing/children’s items that are for sale
* Food items that are made in unlicensed private homes
• Photos of children under 18 without express parental permission

Admin reserves the right to remove or ban members and/or posts at their discretion and without prior warning in order to keep the group productive and civil.

• Disclaimer: In no way will the admins of this group or Facebook be held liable for any damages, direct or consequential as a result of this group. All comments/posts are the responsibility of the individual members and by posting in this group you acknowledge this.