Buy,sell,trade temple,belton,killeen,waco,salado,bell county area,

This group is only for buy or sell or trade or ask for item keep it clean and be friendly to all other and have a really nice day thank you..... No fake ad in here if you do it will be deleted and you will... be remove from this group lets keep it clean and stuff... Please and thank you sooo much if you report a post tell why it being reported.. Please no fake post if so you will be remove thank y'all and have a wonderful week.. If you post something long time ago and don't have it no more please remove your post. If you still have the item please remove your old post before posting again Thank you...
1. no fakes posts
2.don't post more then once with the same item
3.give other chance to posts
4.before reposting delete old posts
5. keep it clean
6. If you post the same item over and over you will be remove from this group.
7. Please feel free to report any posts
8.Don't post the same item back to back you may bump it.
9. I want every one to be able to sell their item to give other the chance to sell stuff to..
10. If you don't delete your old posts before posting again and If I have to do it you and the posts will be remove.
11. If you do not follow these rules you will be remove with out any question... If you have any question admin is casey d moore feel free to inbox... Only for group problem nothing else..