Treasure valley buy/sell/trade/give/lots of good things

Post items that you may have that you are interested in selling, trading, buying or giving away. Welcome to our group! Before you begin posting, please read the message below.

The Treasure Valley Group is for everyone in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho! This group is for those who wish to buy/sell/trade/give or provide services to other group members in the Treasure Valley.

If an item has been recalled, it is not legal to sell.

Please privately message any questions or concerns to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be courteous of other sellers. Create your own post and tag other members if you wish. If your post has had no activity for 30 days, or so, please consider removing the post, or lowering the price. Once your item has sold, please delete the post. I would suggest you not delete the post until the item and money have exchanged hands.