Geneseo Hometown Swap (back To The Old Way)

This is a Geneseo swap. You should be willing to come to Geneseo to meet for your swap or exchange unless prior arrangements are made.
Please do not list any businesses on here. There is a seperate swap for that.

All postings must have a picture with a description and price
IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE PICS FOR ONE ITEM THEY MUST BE PUT IN AN ALBUM. Comments must be made on the individual picture not the album.

A person may not legally offer for sale, sell, purchase, or barter the non-edible parts of wild animals, game birds or game fish. The possession, sale, selling, purchase, or barter is prohibited by federal regulations

Please don't buy an item on here and then resell on here for an outrageous price. Do what you want with the item you purchased but if you plan on reselling for a profit do it on another swap.

Consultants may sell their product and or back stock as long as its in an album and labeled. No more than 5 items at any given time can be posted.

Tagging is allowed by ANYONE on an item. Tagged person needs to respond within 12 hours or it will go to the next person in line.

Only bump your photos every 12 hours

Do Not Block the Adminsitrators for any reason or you will be removed.

Do not list items that are listed on other sites.

Comment on the photos of the items your are interested in. No sales through private messages. Set up exchanges through private messages, not in the photo comments.
Contact the seller, send a message, as soon as possible to set up and exchange.

Please price ALL items

Please delete all pictures that are sold

Allow at least 12 hours for buyers to respond after tagging & messaging a buyer they are next in line

No selling of weapons of any kind.

No selling of cribs and car seats made before 2011

Report all no shows to the admins. No showing is not fair to anyone and repeat offenders will be removed

To Join our group simply click "Join" on the right side of the group home page.

We are glad to be back!! Have fun but please no drama. If you have any problems please contact one of the admins Heidi Nanninga, Amanda Baumgardner or Shannon Graham Davis.