Plett Skinderblad

NO UNDER 16's in GROUP - Dont even ask to be added.
I will in Principle not add people with no Profile Picture or from Neighbouring Countries unless they lived in Plettenberg Bay. Please indicate where you live and or what your relationship to Plettenberg Bay is.

NO MIXIT type of Language will be tolerated. Full Stop. No warning I will DELETE you instantly!.
Post your Irritations and Tribulations here. In a Civil manner.

NO SELLING OF ANIMALS will be permitted. Please approach PAWS
Post Pictures of the Beautiful Town we live in.
Advertise your Business, but please keep to the 1 per week Rule of Courtesy.
Ask for it. Introduce yourself. Tell us about news events. It's your page - Go for it.

If you are VERY angry and feel the need to use profanity to express yourself at least do it with a few xxx's or &%&^% and lastly.... Please keep it civil and clean as possible. Dirty Photos's is a NO NO
Snotty remarks and Sarcasm is not always a good idea and could backfire on you. Deal with it.
NO Racist remarks will be tolerated and Religion and Politics is a borderline subject. each to his own. respect that
If you do have a problem with others in the Group please inbox me or Remove yourself from the Group.

Plettenberg Bay is a Diverse and Beautiful Town. Let us all live and let Live.
Be Tolerant. Welcome our Visitors.

Strike 1 is a Warning
Strike 2 and you are GONE!!!

Any Further Suggestions on how to run the Group more effectively is always appreciated.
There are currently 5 admins in the Group namely Lynn'e, Gerrie, Anton (Batman), Janeanne and Cecil (and XXX)