The GAS Station - Musical gear for sale

Updated 1 July 2014

Welcome to The GAS Station! Please treat the wall with consideration for others also using this space, and please be courteous and respectful - there's the likelihood of actually having to deal in-person eventually, so let's keep things on the classier side from the outset.


1. This is a Perth-based group. Don't post on the wall if you won't post to WA. Have some idea of interstate postage cost.
2. Buy, sell and trading of music-related equipment only. General discussion and questions go to Band Aide Discussion or Perth Guitarists.
3. All items MUST include a selling price and description. Expression of interest, seeking offers, "highest offer over $X" or "putting out feelers" will be deleted.
4. NO external links to ebay, gumtree etc - these will be deleted.
5. One post per item. Grouped pics with a list are especially welcome. No repeat items unless prior ad deleted.

1. Bumps - one per post, per day.
2. Private Messages (PMs) for all price negotiations, trade offers, availability, unrelated personal chat.
3. No negative or inflammatory commentary on seller's pricing. This is not welcome and repeat offenders will be removed.
4. Learn to check your 'Other' folder. PMs from group members often go there instead of your primary inbox.
5. Delete your post as soon as the item is sold. If you can't, post "SOLD" and I'll remove it.

This group is primarily for private sellers. If your business is selling gear, or gear-related services, ONE post per week with a link to your wares/page/classifieds etc. Use a list, photo album upload or grouped image to make the most of your one post. Don't reply on the wall to WTB ads representing your shop stock or services. If you PM direct, some might appreciate it while others might see it as unsolicited spam. Repeat complaints will get you removed from the group. Treat members with respect and proceed at your discretion.

Anyone buying, selling, trading or communicating via this group does so entirely at his or her own risk. All care taken to ensure this place remains sensible and considerate, but I will not take responsibility for any communications or transactions that go pear-shaped.