NOTE: If you do not reside in the Parkland (Alberta) area, you will NOT be added to this group, and if there is no indication of residence on a profile, you will NOT be added.

Just attach your ad with a picture (if possible),add the price as well as description on each individual photo by clicking on it. Photo's that do not have this info. will be deleted by admin.

Spruce Grove Bargain Searcher Rules:

1. Maximum of 5 individual posts per person per day. If you have over 5 items you are selling, please create an album and put your multiple items in that album to avoid taking up space on the wall.

2. Bumping your ad: You may only bump your ad ONCE per 24 hr. period. (This helps keep the wall fair to all people selling). Admins prefer that you find your ads and "bump" them rather that reposting a new post each time. If an item is reposted (rather than bumped) PLEASE delete the old one.

3. No negative comments to anyone. This will not be tolerated. This includes comments such as "i can get that item cheaper at walmart" etc. Sellers can price their items however they wish, it is up to the buyers to know their prices and whether they would buy the item or not.

4. Try to be as fair and honest as you can. Sometimes people are not able to get emails because of their settings, simple mistakes can happen, so please be patient. Buyer's/Seller's please check your "other" folder in messages, if you don't happen to see a message that the other has sent you. As well please make sure your FB settings allow you to receive messages. Seller's sometimes have items posted on more than one FB selling site.

5. Make sure you are "clearly" stating the condition of the item you are selling, if there is a crack or a stain, please note that to avoid disappointment.

6. If you comment that you want an item, then follow through! Please send the seller a FB message as well to let them know.

7. When your item is sold please remember to delete it from the page.

8. BUSINESSES: Please keep your business postings to ONCE per week on this site. (this incl. BUMPING your ad) This site was created as a "garage sale" type site, so people could sell their used items, home based businesses (from the spruce grove/stony plain area) are more than welcome to post on this site but please keep it to once per week so that the wall is fair to the people selling their items. (Note: Businesses will only get 1 warning from admin if they post more often than once per week, then they will be banned).

9. Dog/cat for sale ads are not allowed as we do not want encourage puppy mills and the like. Free to a good home ads are ok to post... thank you for understanding.

Your group Admins are:

Danielle Lorieau
Heather Cameron Genge
Kim Zyha
Beth Taylor
Andrea Pitt
Sandra Southron
Pam Prie