Holistic Help for Dogs with Mast Cell Cancer

This group was established 9 years ago, and since then, has shown and proven that chemo is not the best choice when fighting mast cell cancer. A diet rich in lysine, cancer fighting supplements, and alkalizing enzymes of foods that contain them facilitates natural healing of the body. New natural discoveries along the way have been added as science progresses and supports it. The articles and personal experiences posted are for informational purposes only. This site is to help members make the best choices for the health of thier best friend when confronted with the number one cancer killer of dogs.

ONCE YOU JOIN, PLEASE READ "CLEO's DIET" under the Files tab at the top of the page to get the full explanation of why and how it works.

For an 80 lb dog, TWICE A DAY feedings:

1. Innova EVO dog food -1 cup ( COntains 2:1 ratio of protein:carbs)
2. 1/4 cup of cottage cheese (1% fat )
3. 2200 mg of fish oil (2 capsules) - Pierce a hole in it and squirt into the cottage cheese – I use Jarrows EPA-DHA Balance Fish oil
4. Alka- Balance (Source Naturals) - Crush 2-3 tablets with a mortar and pestle and mix into cottage cheese mixture.
5. 2 benedryl (H1 blocker) indefinitely, while fighting MCT
6. 1 prednisone (20 mg per day)

Cleo's Story – The Holistic Natural Approach to Mast Cell Cancer

Feel free to read Cleo' Story under the Files tab. It was written in Feb 2008 after 17 months on a version of the Budwig diet I adjusted for dogs . She lived a total of 6 years beyond her 6 month diagnosis.