Loveland/Landen/Montgomery Area Online Yard Sale

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is a yard sale site for the area named, if you are from other areas you are welcome to use this site however your posts MUST specify where you are from if not willing to meet IN named areas. We have a “2 STRIKE” system. If a person has a complaint against them or breaks a rule they will accumulate “strikes”. If a combination of these add up to 2, you will be BANNED from the group!
ADMINS WILL ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITEMS ADVERTISED ON THIS SITE ( no alcohol, drugs, tobacco pornographic or stolen property allowed).
#1) EVERY POST must have a price OR Price AND OBO, size if applicable & pictures NOT from a website. Those pictures are able to be used to enhance but can't be the only picture. Your post must include CROSS POSTED if you have your item listed on another site.
#2) SOLD Items must be removed within a week. Click the "V" on the right side of your post box to delete. Please make sure the whole post is & all. To Search use magnifying glass in the right corner of the tool bar to see what is posted. #3) No Duplicate posts. You may BUMP or comment your items ONCE in a 24 hour times frame. PLEASE leave the previous bump comment on & all others prior may be deleted to reduce clutter .#4) You may not comment on someone’s post stating that you have the same item for sale.#5) This is NOT an auction site & is not able to be set up as one fairly. You must go in order of interest. Shown by commenting interest AND then messaging. Questions to not imply you are committed to buy unless stated.
#6) If someone has made a deal with another member, do not try & take the item from the member that the deal was made with. You may tell the seller “If this deal falls through, I would like to be next in line”.#7) Scheduling a meet up & then needing to reschedule is allowed, HOWEVER If you ask someone to hold an item for a certain amount of days & then you back out of buying the item…this will also be counted as a “no show” & result in a strike. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THIS GROUP!
#8) Bashing of Admins/Members on the wall is instant dismissal. #9) BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK Once payment has been made and goods have been exchanged, the sale is considered final (unless the seller agrees otherwise). It is the BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the item is in working order & is “as advertised” PRIOR to the sale being completed.
#10) The site will no longer allow posts asking for money, food, donations, job offerings, recruiting etc. It will be as intended, a Buy, Sell, & Trading Site This is not a community board it is for items for sale or services you offer excluding animals, cars, boats and houses . Benefit postings will still be allowed. Fundraisers for local schools, children’s organizations, & known charities will also be allowed. #11) Businesses who do not follow the rules will be banned.