Hidden Valley, Bright, Greendale, L'Burg BUY/SELL/TRADE Online Yardsale

This is an online yardsale for our area! Feel free to invite anyone. Post things you want to sell or giveaway, or post an item you are in search of (ISO) . * You may only post LEGAL things. You may not list medication, medical supplies, food or baby formula *. All items posted for sale should list a PHOTO (if possible) general description, price , size and location (HVL, Bright etc,) *Girl scout cookies sellers, please only post once with your contact info. * If you are a business entity (scentsy, tastfully simple, 31 etc. ) please only post twice a month with whatever special you have that month. *Please delete post when the items are sold. * If someone asks to see an item please private message them rather than tagging them. * Arrange pick up with seller you may want to exchange contact info in case circumstances change. *if you need an item gone by a certain date please put that in your post. * Please delete your post after the item is sold. *BUY and SELL at your own risk, the admin is not responsible for any items given, bought and/or sold on the page. Please be respecful of each other , no trash talking or hijacking someone elses post with a similiar item. List yours seperately. Happy selling !!