ATT Retiree Issues

The purpose of this group is to be a resource to help our fellow AT&T retirees. Part of that is to understand our benefits and the factors that influence them. While we may discuss topics that can evoke emotions we ask that you keep anger, rants, and outbursts to a minimum so as not to disrupt the group.

The focus is retiree issues specific to AT&T and its former companies and subsidiaries: Southern Bell, SBC, Western Electric, Cingular Wireless, et al. (too numerous to name).

Retiree's, spouses, and dependents are welcome here.

There are no management and non-management retirees, we are all equals.

Please keep the topics related to retiree issues such as concessions, healthcare, and benefits. No petitions, organizing, or lawsuits as there are retiree organizations with that as one of their purposes. This is not a political/activist forum so please don't go there; politics and other polarizing issues belong elsewhere. Anything other than relevant topics is subject to deletion and can get you removed from the group and blocked from reentering.

No flaming and no profanity. We are not the complaint department; when you post angry messages here you are preaching to the choir.

Marketing and sales on the group, or links to websites that promote sales, marketing, or opinions are prohibited. Links to YouTube are strongly discouraged. I reserve the right to determine what is appropriate.

Before you post a question to the group it is considered appropriate that you look to see if the question has already been asked and answered. To find posts relating to your question type a keyword into the Search box at the top of the group page. The search will return all threads containing that word; you may have to look at the comments to find what you want.

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