You Know You Grew Up in Cairns When..

Growing up in Cairns was so much FUN!! Let's see what you remember!!

1. Edmonton & Caravonica was a Long Way!!
2. Gordonvale was..FORGET ABOUT IT!!
3. Kanimbla, Bentley, Forest Gardens, Mt Sheridan & City View was Cane fields
4. Water Works Was the BOMB!!
5. Cairns Central was a primary school
6. Festies was Raintrees!
7. Raintrees had a Fun park, markets, gym & Pool!!
8. You remember when Earlville & Smithfield 1st opened
9. Cairns Central was a Railway Station with a Funky little hall on the corner
10. The Burger Run was the place to be on Thursday nights!
11. You did laps in Earlville every Thursday night!!
12. You remember when Earlville had a Cafe with a Mote!
13. You went to Ruff Neck pubs with your parents (e.g The Big "O", Hides & Rusty's) & you were allowed to sit in the Public Bar!
14. There was a Aquarium where the Hilton stands today
15. The Pier was still vacant land
16. The Marlin Jetty was just a rickety old Jetty!
17. Fogarty Park had a Fountain!
18. The Mall had a Fountain!! A sound-shell & more shady spots to sit!!
19. When you can go out in shorts & thongs!
20. Seeing tourists (especially Japanese) is normal
21. "Apex" was the place to wag, smoke & play pool ( even tho school was next door!!)
22. Deano's Fruit Barn existed
23. The " Fish Tank" had 3 outdoor courts
24. The Kuranda Train was FUN!!
25. Every school camp was to Tinaroo Dam!
26. The Drive-in was the Place to be!
27. You swam in Chinaman's Creek!
28. You swam in Moody Street Drain!!
29. You remember when the 1st Macca's opened at Woree
30. The "House on the Hill" was a nightclub in the Suburbs
31. St Monica's was known as "St Moot's" or " St Mooney's"
32. Courthouse Hotel was The Court House
33. The Police Station was on the esplande
34. The Pacific was the most upmarket hotel
35. Playpen, The End of the World, The Nest & Nighthawks still existed
36. Johno's was on Sheridan Street
37. Muddy's & the Lagoon didn't exist!
38. Riding your bike to Freshie, Devil's, The Rocks & Crystals was an EVERY WEEKEND thing!
39. The Airport wasn't in the Mangroves
40. Everybody went to Basketball on Friday nights & Fooball on Sunday's
41. The Cairns Show was the BEST THING EVER!!
42. Space Skate!!
43. Cairns had it's own brewery - FNQ Lager
44. Tjapukai was only in Kuranda
45. Fun in the Sun was at Munro Martin Park
46. The Library was on Lake Street.
47. The Council was in Abbott Street.
48. The "5 ways" WAS 5 ways!
49. Slippery's was a swimming spot in Earlville
50. Hides was on the corner
51. Lyon's was a Hotel
52. David Jones was in "Boland's"
53. Boland's was the ONLY multi-level shopping centre with escalators!!
54. Green Island was DEADLY!!
55. You know where " Yarrie" is
56. You remember the Gas explosion on Bunda Street
57. J.C.U was situated at TAFE
58. Broadley Ford
59. Bayview Heights is where the rich people lived
60. You remember the Casino, Convention Centre, Pier & Barlow Park being built
61. The Pier was DEADLY!!
62. Westcourt Tavern was the Bungalow!!