Westerville and Surrounding Areas Moms in the Know

Welcome all to the group Westerville and Surrounding Areas Moms in the Know ~~ Admins are MYSELF, Karen Lenzmeier Newbanks and Jamie Mary Theresa Bays.~~ We ask that you all keep in mind we Admin as a Choice we do not get paid for this...please be courteous of others on this page.

This group was created with the intention of sharing information and ideas among Westerville, Ohio and surrounding areas moms. Invite your friends and neighbors - the more the merrier!

You are welcome to solicit recommendations for babysitters, restaurants, hair stylists, contractors, doctors, dentists, preschools, etc. If you've had an outstanding experience or a terrible one, share that too.

School closings, street closures, power outages, really good deals and sales and anything newsworthy is welcome too.

If you have a business to advertise, you are welcome to do so, but please limit posts to ONCE A WEEK, ideally including new information such as a promotion, sale, new products, etc. This also goes for anyone looking to recruit for their home-based business. If you have an organization hosting a charitable event or fundraiser and are in need of participants, only post once.

Please refrain from any requests for financial contributions or votes (or likes) for contests. Political/campaigning posts will be deleted.

If you have something to sell, please look into one of the local Facebook resale groups. "In search of" posts are fine.

And most importantly, BE NICE! This has become a great resource and especially welcoming to new members of our community so let's keep it that way!