Springboro/Centerville Steals and Deals

A Trading Post for the Springboro/Centerville area! This is the place for anyone in the Springboro/Centerville area to post items to sell, trade or give-away!

Please take a moment to READ THE GUIDELINES before participating.

*The administrators of this group are not responsible for any sale and cannot be held responsible for any transactions. All transactions are at your own risk. If you would like to participate in the Springboro/Centerville Steals and Deals Buy, Sell and Trade you are responsible to handle your transactions in a proper manner and abide by these guidelines.*

This site is for YARD SALE CONTENT ONLY. Please DO NOT ADVERTISE your business or post products sold through your store/outlet. These posts will be deleted.

This group was designed for people living in the Springboro/Centerville, Ohio area. If you are a seller and DO NOT LIVE IN Springboro/Centerville area please include your town in the description of your posted item. If you do not, it is assumed that you live in Springboro/Centerville area. You will need to make arrangements to deliver the item to the buyer at their home or an agreed upon location in the Springboro/Centerville area.

Please wait 24 hours before "'BUMPING YOUR ITEM".

Please post a price, no make an offer

Multiple posts of the same item will be deleted without notice.

This is NOT an auction site. All items must be listed with photo(s) and a price. It is simply poor taste to offer more for an item when another buyer has already commented.

If you would like to purchase an item, please comment that you want to "BUY" it. Saying your are "interested" does not guarantee a purchase. Or, "I will buy this IF it is xxxxx".

Please do not BUMP your item more than once a day. Items "Bumped" more than this can be deleted by Admin without notice. If your item hasn't sold after several days/bumps it is priced too high. Please see Selling Tips below.

If you are buying, please pick up your item in a reasonable time.

DELETE your item once it has sold.

If your item has not sold in a reasonable amount of time, try lowering your price. If it doesn't sell, consider donating to one of many organizations in the area to take advantage of the tax write-off! Feel free to ask an Admin for suggestions.

SELLING TIPS: Take a good picture, add a detailed description, sell like items in lots/bulk (easier to arrange one pick-up than many), most importantly - keep your prices low, people generally will not pay top dollar for a used item. Think about how much you would pay for an item at a yard sale, not what you want it to be worth. Items priced low will sell much faster!

NO Car Seats, Baby Formula/Food.
NO Real Estate, homes, condos for sale/rent.
No auctions, live animals, illegal items or firearms allowed.