99p Bidding Site For Long Eaton And Surronding Areas

****read the rules ****
All items can now start at your own start price.
All posts must show your location,day and ending time of auction

All auctions can be placed for a maximum of 7 days, comment to place a bid
Any more than 10 items then please make sure they go in an album
Bidding times end exactly on the ending times so no bid will be accepted on the time the bid ends
Example:ending time 8pm the last bid will be accepted would be 7:59
starting bids at 99p then the next bid is £1 then the Items must go up in multiples of 10p increments
If any buyer lets the seller down more than twice they will be banned from the group
Please delete items when sold and collected
Only bump up an item every 2 hours and the final day 1hour
Not allowed
No under 16's allowed to bid please
No pets
No wanted posts
No tobacco products or alcohol please If you are selling cakes cheesecake etc please make sure that u have the certificates as u won't be able to sell items thanks
Thanks for reading happy bidding
Admin are Simona saucy whitehead, Tracy Bilbie, Karen Susan Parker, pat shepherd and Karen shaw. always here to help x