Facebay. Isle of Islay

Welcome to the Islay Facebay group. This is a group that allows you to sell any unwanted items locally.You can sell anything from clothing to cars, shoes to sheds, dvd's and cd's, computer games to picture frames. This is a friendly group. Let's try and be fair with our pricing and our haggling. Arrange prompt payment. Collect asap. Payment on collection. Pay with cash. However there are some rules we need to put into place.
1 The items must be yours to sell
2 Payment must be with cash. (paypal by mutual consent)
3 Honest descriptions of goods is required. ie scratches, parts missing. If the items are not as described, the buyer has the right to a refund from the seller, if this fails to happen, the seller will be removed from the group. Like I said, this is a friendly group, please help keep it this way
4 buyer must contact seller to arrange collection within 48hrs to arrange collection. The Seller has the right to repost on here if no contact has been made within 48 hrs.
5 To contact the buyer when the sale is agreed, you click on their name and send a personal message (PM)
6 No selling of any livestock. (including hamsters and African Elephants)
7 If anyone has a complaint about a buyer/seller, please contact admin. I will review the situation and make a decision based on what has happened.
8 You may only post 5 sales per day on here. this allows others a chance to get their items seen too
9 No selling of Tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

These rules may seem a little strict, but they really are only in place to help protect you as a buyer and a seller. I have started this group to hopefully cut out the cost and hassle of using ebay. I hope you all use the group to your advantage and get the most from it. I am currently classed as the admin for this group as I have set it up. If anyone is not happy about how I have done this group, please let me know, I will change what i can to improve things

Regards and welcome