Fli Pelican Clothes Co.

In the continued struggle to step above the rest, Fli Pelican's creators Nino , set forth a goal to capture the ears and hearts of the people that truly wanted to hear and passionately wanted to feel a change in streetwear. With influences such as Staple, Crooks and Castles, and The Hundreds, Nino found himself designing not for consumer purposes but for sheer satisfaction of himself. He crafted a name that would capture the attention and describe art an essence. "Fli Pelican" meaning giving one wings to be above or able to fly away from any situation if you focus and put GOD first. The Pelican symbolizes the ordinary people, not flashy yet striking to the eye, which explains the logo " everything around me is festive and flashing, while I'm the ordinary guy in the middle."

The whole theme of the line is comic-book based and revolves around this Pelican who gets the most respect but is just your ordinary Joe. The story contains a lot of elaborate characters that are featured on each shirt that will play a part in the everyday life of this Pelican. Each shirt will accompany a sticker to be saved for an upcoming comic book thats date has not been determined, when all of the characters will finally meet and you will control the story with your collected items.

In closing, we do not consider our line commercial or "Pop" for that matter so we would not like to be portrayed in that manner. We like being underground and able to touch and hear from all of our consumers which is the reason why we target staying "Exclusive", out of the reach of the world and in short grasp of the "SELECTED."