Alternative Hosts and Admins

Please fill out the new member form BEFORE you request to join so we can verify that you are a host. Thanks.

No Drama.
Only informative information to hosts who know how to act like adults.

Common Courtesy.
No call outs!

You don't get three strikes, if you choose to act like a child you're out.

Ladies who are new here-- this is meant to be a sanctuary for hosts. No drama. Just chilled out answering and asking questions. I dont care if you are in hosts! I dont ask you to chose sides, its less of a us vs them thing and more of a cooperation between us ladies, cross posting to get better deals, etc etc. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE kindly pm your fellow co-host dont publically discuss the issue-- we don't care about it and we don't need to get involved. We dont have a bad members list because we should all know what to do once a member is a bad payer,flakey etc. There are no strikes here --but you do get one warning!-- if you are found to be causing drama with our group youre out. There are also two admins who are not hosts or admins who oversee us to see theres no shade going on in here. If you want to add, majority rules. I think weve covered everything.