Aimee Marie Modeling | Official Fan Group

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This is the Official Modeling fan group of the lovely Mrs. Aimee Marie aka Aimee Savi. There will be absolutely no bashing, bad mouthing, or shit talking tolerated here, period. If you don't like something you see, simply scroll on or move on by removing yourself from the group. If you don't know how to do so please ask an admin and they will gladly remove any unwanted fans or supporters.

Also at THIS point forward, no photographers will be allowed to post anymore, unless they are pictures taken of the model that this page SOLE use is now for. As being nice and trying to be fair with others have got us no where, so now you can all go elsewhere, run your mouth, talk your crap do as you please there.

Also we will be doing a strict creeper sweeper upper, that means by saying anything we deem as creepy or out of line, you will be kindly escorted out of the group by one of our administrative staff. Your out of line, unwanted sexual advances are not necessary or needed. Keep in mind, Aimee is here simply to share her photography/modeling collaboration work, and nothing else. NO SHE IS NOT SINGLE, NO SHE DOES NOT WANT YOUR SEX, OR NEED YOUR SEXUAL ADVANCES, AND NO SHE DOES NOT WANT YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES THAT ARE GOING TO OPEN UP WITH YOU EXPOSING YOURSELF. (she is looking for business related messages, contacts, and people wanting to do cross promotions or photographers looking to schedule shoots.)

If you or anyone else has any trouble or see's anyone breaking the few simple rules here please let me, or any of the administrative team know by either tagging one of us on the post, or messaging us.

Meet the Staff:

Aimee Savi , John Savi (myself), Victoria Lynn, Ashley Marie, Kris Lynne Kari Kowalski, Kenniff Mountfort, and Mike Sternall. See More