Butler County's Best Yard Sale

Welcome to Butler County's Best Group. Where you can buy, sell or trade your used or new items in Butler County Ohio & surrounding counties.
*NO gun sales or trades please.
*NO ammo sales.
*BB Guns, Paintball Guns, & airguns are okay!
*NO selling 'Burned' DVD/Music.
*No selling of Real Estate- rental posting are fine.
*All transactions are between buyer and sellers. Please respect others posts. Do NOT comment on a post unless interested in buying. Rude comments or PM's will result in banning.
*Please go in order of interest.-If you want to ask a question, just say interested first and then ask the question, you can always pass if you don't like the answer. It's just be courteous.
*PLEASE delete your posts/pics if your item sells or is no longer available, or you may post DELETE on your post and I will delete it for you. If you have more than 3 items to post please put them in an album.
ANY post that does not contain Location, Price Size etc. will be DELETED. (THIS INFORMATION MUST BE ON EACH PHOTO) even if in an album.
To sell your item faster, please give a brief description.
*PLEASE don't post a picture and say 'Make an offer' Put the lowest price you are willing to take for the item.
Let's face it, if you want 40 at least for your item and someone offers 5, you are not going to be happy and thus keeping the comments going to unhappy seller & buyer.
*No DOUBLE postings please. we will delete it. Please click the magnifying glass at the top right of the page and type your name in to find your item.
*WE are not an auction site so your item doesn't go to the highest bidder.
*POSTING FCFS: Means 1st come 1st serve. Make sure that is on your post if that is how you wish to sell, because if you skip others who are interested can result in banning without that in the post.
*Go in order of interest.Unless posted fcfs then please allow up to 12 hrs. for a response then move on to next person.
*YOU may post pets here for free or sale (Must be at least 8 weeks old to post).
*May post facebook links ONLY. Any links that are not related to facebook will be deleted.
*IF you are found to be selling stolen items or items you got for free from another site, you will be banned no ifs and or buts...
**ABSOLUTELY NO work at home ads or weight loss products. Posts of that nature will be deleted and you will banned without warning or discussion.
*NO PERISHABLE ITEMS OR MEDICINES OF ANY KIND PLEASE...except for baby stuff (formula and babyfood is fine as long as new)
* Please NO help/donate posts (it creates unnecessary comments/drama) And we don't want none of it!
We are not liable for anything that is sold here and we will not be held accountable. You are liable for your own actions.
*IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inspect the items to see if they work (Electronics etc), Rips, Tears, Size.
DO NOT message admins after you have left and are not satisfied.
*Thank you, Stephanie & Sherry.