Buy, Sell, Swap & For Free - North Somerset

This is a friendly selling and buying site and anyone and everyone is welcome.

Please keep posts strictly to Buying, Selling, Swapping and offering Free Items to the group members - any "Chit-Chat" or personal opinions about the items for sale should be done via a personal message direct to the advertiser.

This site is for people based in North Somerset and the surrounding areas.

Site Rules:-

1. A PRICE MUST BE PUT ON EACH ITEM YOU HAVE FOR SALE. No Price = No advert (Depending on the mood of the Admin it may be deleted without warning)
2. BUMPING: Do not "Bump" more than once every 4 hours and please delete your previous bump when doing so. COMMERCIAL/ BUSINESS POSTS only to be bumped or posted once a week.
3. Banned Adverts
* NO advertising of ANY other Facebook groups or websites without the permission of an Admin.
* NO PARTY PLANNERS (Ann Summers, Avon, Kleeneze, Aloe Vera etc)
* NO ANIMALS - please use a professional rehoming service - RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Rescue Centres.
* NO MIRACLE DIETS (including Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cambridge etc)
4. No more than 6 individual posts or 6 albums by any poster should be on the page within 12 hours of each other.
5. Please delete your own posts and pictures when items are sold or add a SOLD tag to the item for admin to delete. Items over 1 month old will automatically be deleted.
6. Multiple posts for the same item are considered spam.

We operate a three strikes system whereby members will be allowed two warnings for breaking the group rules and by breaking the rules a third time you will be a permanently banned.

Group documents & Files may only be created by an Admin.

All items must be legal, and described so that all users can understand what you are offering/requesting. Where the moderators consider illegal items to be offered, we will delete membership and report to the police, with screenshot evidence.

Please remember that adverts on this site are subject to the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Items must be described correctly to the best of the sellers knowledge. No counterfeit goods.

Posts and documents may be automatically deleted when they have been inactive for one month or more.