Culcheth Memories and Chat

A group for people in Culcheth, Croft & Glazebury to chat about anything on their mind - asking for information, promoting local businesses, local events etc.

WARNING: This groups contains lots of banter, humour, information and also moaning! Yes, people DO moan! About parking, about bad driving, noisy neighbours, litter in the park, whatever winds them up that day... but that doesn't mean they're all middle-aged saddos as has been suggested by one or two people. It just means they're human and have good days and bad days. Yes there are far more important things going on in the world but this isn't the group to discuss world politics.... the group name should be a bit of a giveaway ;-) So if you have a problem with seeing posts about trivial issues, then please don't join the group. If you join and then moan about people moaning...... then you need to go and look up the definition of irony :-)

Freedom of speech is welcomed, as long as you understand the cost and the impact of what you write, or say…

What's NOT ok is to direct abusive language at other members just because you don't agree with their views. We are all adults and should therefore be capable of discussing a topic without resorting to petty name calling. Please be aware that you will be removed if you repeatedly post offensive comments, whether other people 'like' your comments or not! Online ‘character assassination’ will not be tolerated and is in no way any good for the village. Equally, those people who resort to sending offensive or threatening private messages to other members will be removed if a copy of the message is shown to the admins.

Regarding local businesses, we want to support them as much as possible! However, if you experience bad service, as sometimes can happen with any business, then I have no problem with people putting comments about an organisation; they are responsible for those comments and members of the group have every right to either agree with them, or challenge them and ask for tangible proof.

Please also remember that the admins do not automatically agree with everything that is posted. We also do not spend every waking hour on the group so we can't read every single thread. Therefore if you find a post offensive, it is YOUR responsibility to report it.

So, if you have something to say make sure you can back it up, or you may find yourself in the firing line for comments that attract legal attention. Remember Alan Davies the comedian accusing Lord McAlpine on Twitter? Well that cost him a £15,000 (out of court!!!) If the libel case had gone the distance, then you can add another zero on and costs…

Play nicely, guys, and remember tangible objectivity is the key to good debate and grudges don’t work! After all a grudge is like allowing someone live in your mind rent free. :-)