Desperately Seeking - Uncensored (DSU)

Welcome uncensored people!
Seeking for something?
Need answers, help, opinions about something?
Need to discuss something?
Have something to share?
You're at the right place!

If you're a raw, straightforward, liberal person with no filter or sugar-coats...
you're at the right place again!

Feel free to ask/post anything!
There are no constraints or any specific rules.
Just keep a few things in mind before posting or commenting and if any issue is missed out on let your morale, compassion and ethics guide you through the rest:

# Please respect the feelings of one another.
# Do not discriminate/bully. We're all equal here.
# Everybody has the right to privacy.
# There will be no unfair banning/kicking/deleting of anybody or post.
# Just because some religious/political/explicit content offended or disturbed you doesn't mean it has to be deleted.
#This isn't the appropriate place for easily offended, weak hearted, whiny butt-hurt people.

If there is a problem, right away report to the admins; do not criticize, comment, be offensive or bothersome.

*Fake IDs are not appreciated.

Otherwise everything is all damn good.

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Happy uncensored seeking!