Facebay for Faversham

This group has been set up for everyone to buy and sell locally - group administrators take no responsibility for non collection etc, any items found to be stolen will have the post removed and reported to the police!

If anyone is found to be abusive to other members on the site they will be removed without warning - if you have issues please sort them out yourselves not on the group for the world to see!!

If you would like to advertise your business this is fine however we would ask you to be conciderate and limit the number of posts per day so that the group is not overwelmed with business posts. Any delivery / collection services please do not post as we are in partnership with CHUNKA TRANSPORT who cover all these type of requests, anyone who ignores this WILL HAVE THEIR ADVERTS REMOVED!!

We also ask that once you have sold your item please make every effort to remove your post - this saves confusion for potential buyers and saves admin having to go through and delete them!!

Any problems feel free to get in touch, enjoy!!

Please remember that chunka transport hasour recommendations for people to use, so we ask if you can not post any form of transport services or bouncy castle services in this page, all adverts of this form will be removed. Thank you