Fremont County Chat, Rant, n Rave

Welcome to Fremont County, Colorado Chat, Rant 'n Rave - an open group to chat with others in our area and vent about what bugs you. I'm not going to censor this site so if you are easily offended don't join. Controversial topics will be brought up and we will not be hindered from discussing them.

Please feel free to review Facebook Community Standards ( In addition, NO HARASSMENT - this is not a place to publicly shame people by dredging up dirt from their private lives. We should all feel open to discuss our problems without fear or condemnation. However, there are good reasons to right wrongs and seek justice, and I won't stop people from speaking out against those who gave poor service, etc., as these are matters of public importance. Mentioning individuals for this purpose is helpful for both the individual and the business they are involved with. Yet, this group is not for singling out individuals in the group negatively for personal matters. Please discuss those somewhere else. It's a discussion site, not a fight site. Just have fun and meet new people in Fremont County......

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