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Post topics for: anything in and around Saint John, the Maritimes, world news, current events OR questions you may have.
*If it's news or interesting to you, we want to see it too*
Duplicate threads will be removed without notice.
Any vulgar words used may lead to removal of the comment or thread.
Admins may* ask for an edit, but not always.

We ask for the names of victims/accused or the civic addresses you hear NOT be posted unless you find it in a news release from the RCMP, news media (such as CHSJ, or CTV)

Like Shawn Creamer says ""This is not strictly a news site dumbass""

**It is important that you also realize that a lot of the news posted on here IS JUST NEWS, until it happens to you, or someone you know, then it becomes personal**.
At any given time a post that you read could affect you (ie: by knowing someone in that fire, car accident, murder/suicide, or many other scenarios)
If this is something that you don't think you would be ok with, this is not the group for you, As the news will be posted as we hear it and will NOT* be deleted!

We are all adults.
Please respect* each other.
Any bashing/bullying along with trash talking about the group OR blocking of ANY admins: is cause for immediate removal.

**PLEASE** no postings of yard sale items or stuff you're giving away or sellling as we're not running a yard sale site or a buy* and sell.
*No Kijiji ads*

**ALSO** any found pets or pets to give to a good home..please post on the SJNC Lost Pets site or any other appropriate pages or websites.

**NO** Contests , Petitions or fundraisers unless it is Ok'd by admin team! T
hey will* be removed.

**If you have a problem with any thread PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PM AN ADMIN before posting on the board.
WE find it just works better that way!

***posting of ads***
Posting of ads is *strictly a weekend event* that starts Friday evening until Sunday at supper time.
Please PM an admin to ask if any ads need to be posted in any special way.
1 ad per weekend with only 1 bump per day , otherwise the ad will be removed and multiple offences may see poster removed as well

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Gets a little crazy here sometimes!

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