Legit Hustle Chicago

New group rules to simplify this group & have the best group possible.

1.No drugs of any kind and this includes drug paraphernalia. Even asking for drugs in code will get you banned. Ex. Loud, Molly or Bars.

We will now be allowing sales of glass & other tobacco use only products. All items must be new or 200% clean & all ads must state tobacco use only. Please don't take advantage of this & post your used paraphernalia & ruin it for the whole group, you will be banned & it may make it so no one can sell their glass. Please follow this to the word or the group could get in trouble.

2.No prostitution of any kind. Even if it's just to be funny. No selling yourself or anybody else.

3.No gang banging or violent behavior of any kind.

4.No spam/porn sites

5.No scamming posts. That includes pyramid schemes, turning 100 into 1000 & other similar type stuff.

6.No memes. If your going to post a picture for attention cause your ISO that's fine but nothing offensive.

7.If your gonna post something, pls don't over post. Once/twice a day is cool but not multiple times a day.

8.Gun sales need to be done at a gun shop with both people having FOID cards & gun shop handles gun transfer.

9.No hating, No negativity or knocking someone's hustle unless that person is clearly breaking these rules & you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

10.You can sell an imitation/knock off/replicas ONLY if your honest about it & its stated in your post that it is a replica.

11.Please post location & price on your post, & let's treat each other with respect.

12.DO NOT try to sell an item on someone else's post & start taking away their hustle. Make your OWN POST.

13.No asking what's out there for $$. If your looking for something specific then put ISO, what your looking for, & what area your in.

14.Tobacco & Alcohol sales MUST state Tobacco 18+ and Alcohol 21++.

15.You' re NOT allowed to block any of our admins, unless it's approved by me cuz there's a personal issue. If it hasn't been cleared by myself, then you will be removed from group permanently.

16.No promoting another group unless i have given you approval

17.Lastly, pets-my admins & I have debated a lot about pets especially dogs. You can sell or rehome pets but we don't support backyard breeders or puppy mills. Also please do NOT sell puppies before 8 wks unless your reserving puppy/kitten & post reflects that. If your dog/cat had a litter that's fine but if your posting on a regular basis then that's a hustle we don't support! Also please make sure your puppy/dog/cat doesn't become a bait animal. Be responsible & put responsibility over profit.

Rules & regulations are subject to change at Legit Hustle Chicago's discretion.

Daniel Guedes aka Bigg Boss