Malaysian Primary Care Network

Welcome to Malaysia's largest Medical Doctor group on a social media platform.


1. This is a place to share and discuss please respect each others view. Over time, we have experience many incidents of unhappiness because of intolerance.

2. We can assure that those who try to become a hero here will be removed permanently.

3. This place DOESN'T follow democratic rules and those who found offending others as per view of admin will be deleted without prior notice.

4. Events posting strictly by admin. If you have been approached by pharma or independent parties, kindly ask them to contact me (Alex Wong) at 0192702176 or email: [email protected]

5. Only practicing Malaysian Doctors (with APC) allowed to join this closed group.

6. Strictly no information, comments, discussions nor pictures allowed to be shared out of this group unless prior approval from admin.

7. No advertisement in any form be it the picture of a product/drug/medical device are allowed without prior notice from the admin.

8. No member allowed to direct traffic into another blog/website/ forum/ fb group or fb page. This action is considered not ethical.

9. LASTLY, We do not encourage any discussion to do with politics, religion, gender/sex. However, we can't really run away from it. If you are unable to tolerate any discussions, PLEASE DON'T PARTICIPATE, DON'T READ and DON'T COMMENT. You will be happier..TRUST US!!

The strict rule above is to make the group more conducive. Thank you.

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Current Term [2013-2015]
President: Dr Jim Loi (Wilayah Persekutuan)
Vice President: Dr Peter Chan Teck Hock (Selangor)
Secretary: Dr Abdullah Zawawi (Wilayah Persekutuan)
Treasurer: Dr Raj Kumar Maharajah (Selangor)

Council Members of MPCAM 2013-2015:
Dr Cavin Lee (KL)
Dr Margaret Soo (KL)
Dr Maryati Maharon (KL)
Dr Mohd Khafidz (Sgor)
Dr Mary Varghese (Sgor)

MPCN & MPCAM administrator: Alex Wong
[email protected]
Date formed: 15 March 2009