Otoe County Swap and Talk

David Tiny Adams
Welcome to Otoe County Swap Page - a place where you can buy and sell items.
( Please put Location.and Price on post )

1.) Please be courteous of others, if there is problem try to fix it in a kind manner between you and seller or buyer. If this doesn’t work then notify an administrator. Please remember there are other members on this swap page who DO NOT want to see your DRAMA posted....

2.) If you are posting more than a couple items please make an album( Smart Phones and IPads do have issues with making albums).Lets keep the post to max 10 post in a 24 hr period please..more than that might cause them to be deleted....

3.) No Bidding… there is Ebay for that. You may post a starting price and OBO…. So please take the starting price you asked for or a LOWER offer.

4.) Bump Rule- You may re list your item(s) that have not sold in 5 days.

5.) NO selling of ANIMALS… When posting animals to give away the Seller has the right to choose who the animal(s) goes to, no one wants there pet/animal getting in the wrong hands of someone, so I would suggest Seller to state some standards you would like for the animal(s).

6.) NO selling of GUNS

7.) Before commenting on item(s) please be sure you are able to pick them up in timely manner and PAY for them.

8.) Delete items when sold and picked up. If you have troubles deleting let an admin know and we will help!

9.) If there is a reason you are not able to meet for item(s) please contact the seller or buyer.

10.) Please when you are listing items include size, price and location.or meeting terms.

11.) Please Sellers give interested buyer 24hrs to get back to you before moving on to next person, but interested buyer needs to let the seller know as soon as possible. Everyone has lives outside Facebook!!! Also when commenting on an item please post Interested and question following... if you have a question that is! The first person to comment “interested” should get the chance to buy.

12.) Please keep your rude comments to yourself…If you are not interested in the item that is posted then don’t comment plain and simple.

13.) Please post expiration date when selling your child safety seat(s) and please be honest about the condition of it. If it has been in any kind of accident or if it has expired please DO NOT sell or give away on the page.

!4.) NOTICE TO ALL...WE Will NOT allow Commercial Business's to Post here if you want to make a large album with your things in the maybe like everyone else I will look it over..you can post hrs and location in a separate post weekly but I'm not going to allow Daily post for commercial use..Admin.......

15.) I think people should post "interested" as usual and then if they want to PM the seller, do so.

16,) Admin will make changes when they see fit to do so