Santa Cruz Hall of Shame

This Group is about the criminal element loose in our town and to inform the public of individuals that may be a threat to society.
Drama will not be tolerated. The use of bad
language & insulting others for whatever reason will not be tolerated. There may be articles outside of our town that are posted. Blocking of Administration will be cause for removal. Once a thread is closed any person commenting after that will be removed from the group upon discretion of Administration.

Opinions posted here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SCHOS as a whole or that of SCHOS admins. All are considered Innocent until a Court of Law deemed them Guilty. Arrested People are Public Record.
Anyone with a false identity will be removed.
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Quotes and photos from the SCHOS Facebook page may not be copied or used without permission, this includes any snapshots, written consent of Admistration will be required. This will be taken seriously for the privacy of all our members!!