Sussex Buy N Sell


-->**FOR ALL BUYERS.... you are responsible for doing any research on the items you are purchasing.. it is not up to anyone to be posting where they can get it cheaper or that its not authentic.... I can not tolerate that. And please post a price.Also keep in mind that you may be dealing with a child/youth(whom i am aware of)
**NEW** There is a 3 strikes your out policy now(with evidence not hear say) if you do not follow our guidelines you will be warned andd have a strike against you... after the third strike you will be removed.
-->**FOR ALL SELLERS.... Please be specific about you item.. any stains or rips need to be said in the description. Please be HONEST about your item.Also if you are located anywheres other than Sussex.. You need to specify that in your description as well. Rule of thumb is the first person commenting on an item is the person who in 'first in line' to receive the option of getting the item.(Tagging someone doesn't count) If there is no response after 24 hrs through the week or 48 hrs through the weekend you can move on to the next person 'in line'. If you do not agree with this method than this is not a group for you. Peggy Lee Doody has a group you may be interested in.
-->If you are not interested in the item, you should not need to commenting on it.
**Every little thing helps to keep the arguing and drama down**
--> And also to stop confusion...Comment on item before Private Messaging seller. It needs to be clear to all members.
--> **Do not bump every single item .. please bump your album. and for
phone users.. just keep others in mind. Bumping need to at least every 24 hours after posting or bumping.**
-->** Please state in the description if your item is on another site**
-->These guidelines are opt to change at any time ... but don't worry, I will
notify any changes before hand!
--> Please label your albums the best you can so other members can easily search specific item. Thanks. I will go through and label albums myself when I can.
#I am keeping this Buy N Sell free of Children's Clothing#
Please Note that Any Children Clothing will be first asked to remove and place ii in proper area or item will be deleted.
Tricia and Debbie has a group just for Children Clothing & Items :) -->
Also have a group for guys!
****And always be-careful and be safe. Dealing with people you don't now can be dangerous. ****
And please remember I am a person too :p and I do not live on my computer lol... I am trying the best I can to keep the peace among over 5,000 members :) :D
Thanks for Reading Everyone!!