Tyson's Cars, Bikes, Trucks ETC Buy, Sell, Swap and Parts Needed



This is THE page to advertise your cars, trucks, bikes and anything else with a motor or goes with something that uses a motor (other items that might be classed "Big boys toys" might be accepted, Rc cars, bikes, gadgets etc), Sorry girls no vibrator sales here...
If you have a car or parts etc that you want gone, list it here, if there are parts that you need list them here, every one has something they don't want that some one else can and will find useful.

Only rules:
(1) No undercutting any one else. If you're interested and someone else is in before you - tough, wait your turn.

(2) No bullshit about people or there items (unless the person buying is about to be ripped off!)

(3) No stupid comments or abusive comments. This includes language, keep it clean please.

(4) Once your item is sold, please comment SOLD so you don't have people asking to buy something that's gone.

(5) If some one has sold you something in the past and you believe they knew it to be dodgy you are permitted to warn others.

(6) Strict rules apply to advertising Cars/Bikes/Boat/Truck related items only, RC Cars etc are acceptable, SHOES AND PHONES ETC ARE NOT !!

(7) No posting for mates, if they want to sell something they can join the group - it creates too many issues otherwise.

(8) Bump ONCE every 24 hours - If you do it more often, your post may be deleted and you may be banned from the page

Follow these rules, and keep it simple, you will be aloud access to the page, Break these rules and you could be removed with out warning.

"ATTN, you might have noticed i have a few admin people helping me with this page, please show them the same respect you would show me, this page is for people of all ages and back grounds so please keep that in mind when you start swearing at people, if your asked to tone it down a little and you don't you will be removed from the page.
This page is a great tool for buying and selling car parts etc, disrespect will find nothing but an empty page and nothing for sale. Also be mindful that some times people can take a little while to reply, not EVERY ONE lives on face book, be patient and mindful of others."

Spread the word and happy selling :)