Valdosta's Man Cave & Guns

Welcome to Valdosta's Man Cave. Valdosta & South Georgia's #1 group for buying and selling. We ask that you follow the rules which include:


Rule #1- Do not sell handguns to persons under the Age of 21.

Rule #2- personnel must be 18 to buy Rifles

Rule #3- Do not sell stolen Items on the Page you will be immediately banned from the group.

Rule #4- Once committed to an item follow through with picking the item up and don't screw over the seller. Once the items sold either delete it or let us know and well delete it.

Rule #5 -No Double Posting just bump your post its much easier for everyone

Rule#6- When posting multiple pictures upload them to an Album. More than one picture on the wall will not be approved.

Rule#7- POST A PRICE and Location of the item. We have a lot of posts from outside of Valdosta.

Rule #8- No posting links to other pages.

Valdosta Man Cave & Guns is not responsible for any actions or anything on or outside of this page.