Waterset PEEPS

Waterset P.E.E.P.S. "People's Eyes Everywhere Protecting Stuff"

This is a private group only for residents of Waterset. It's primary purpose is to keep our neighborhood safe.

Please e-mail me your name and address so that I can verify you are a resident of Waterset. Your information will be kept confidential.

Admin e-maill: https://www.facebook.com/chrissy14

1.) Post suspicious activities/cars/solicitors/etc. that neighbors should be on the look out for. Try to be specific, with details, if possible. Upload pics/videos if you have them.

2.) Lost children/pets/belongings - Post pics and any relevant info.

3.) BE NICE! Abuse of the site, one another, and/or profanity WILL get you booted.

4.) Please do not use this page for advertising your company or posting items for sale.

We are all privileged to live in a nice community and to have one another! Let's please all do our part to make this a great place to live.