Indian Administrative Service (Raz Kr)

Don't make Rich more Richer , Don't make poor any more helpless.
So Don't buy the popular Coaching Material since i will upload them here and in return small fraction of money u can spend by not bargaining at all with elderly person who is selling roadside anything vegetable, watch , toys etc and u must buy anything only from that person who is desperate to sell this for the survival not for the empire building( like Desi Walmart).
Same time each day at least make one person to smile and learn the manners of giving the remaining change to the meal/gadget-delivery boy.. & in the last Clear the UPSC and be a Very Good Officer and Make your country Proud/ Don't be Judgmental ever/Respect The power of X Chromosome /Love Hindi to love your family, love all 21 language to love INDIA and love English to make this world UNITED..always keep your mind happy/cheerful and have a helping nature and never ditch anybody......
and Just Forget about Your past and concentrate on your Study and never make your children to compete for UPSC rather you must put efforts to make them the first INDIAN Astronaut who will fly the ISRO's space shuttle to another Planet..

Work Hard ,Party Harder.. ! See You soon in Mussoorie... ! UPSC is not The Ultimate Thing..! Even if we Win the Rat Race , Will remain tha Rat..! Now Padho or Padhne Do.. !