Atsugi's Craigslist

Please message one of the Admins to be added to the group along with a Join Group request to the page and please verify you are SOFA sponsored and your current location. You will not be added to the group until you have done so and this is taking longer for some people to be added because they are not reading this section and there is a long list forming. If you know anyone waiting to be added, you may pass this information on to them. It cuts down on people who do not carry a military ID and that do not have access to get on or off bases when buying or selling an item.

** Admins for the page are Kristin Burleigh, Michelle C. Merigillano, SweetRina Capilitan Haw, & Sherley Warden**

****When posting: Please remember OPSEC and practice it on a regular basis!! Your post can and will be removed and you will be sent a private message. This violation will not be tolerated on here. **

NEW MEMBERS: Please read over the rules/ guidelines.

*Selling an Item: Please Post pictures and PRICES, of your items. If items are pending for pick up, put pending so everyone knows. I want to keep this page clean and not having tons of people ask if it’s sold or not.

Please delete your sold items.

Feel Free to bump items if they haven't been sold.
If you have a variety of items to be sold placing them in an pre-made album will make it easier to bump up.

Please be truthful and forthcoming about your items. As a seller this is your responsibility.

All bidding will be deleted. Sellers post a price. This isn't eBay. Please don’t confuse the whole "Obo" phrase and "bidding" these are both different. Saying, "would you accept this amount" with a price is acceptable. You can offer a person what you would like to pay.

If your not located on NAF Atsugi please post with your item where you are located or willing to meet.

***** Business owners: May also advertising for their business. If you have a private or home business, please read the Housing rules. Atsugi requires that you get a permit for operating a business out of your home.******

* Buyers: Please be very careful about the items you buy. As a buyer it’s your responsibility to look over the item before handing over your money. These are personal sales.

NAF Atsugi does not sponsor our classifieds site. With that being said: Please remember that we have eyes and ears watching the page. PS4 and XBOX ONE Sellers or anything you purchase from the NEX to resell- Please be aware that if you sell these items at a higher amount your post will be removed and it may possibly be reported to base official's. This is per DOD/NEX policy.

*FRG groups- we have the approval that you may post if you are doing a fundraiser.

*Post that have nothing to do with looking for an item to buy, selling an item or advertising for your own private or home business will be deleted. This includes unnecessary comments on posts.

* Do not advertise for someone else's business.