Bazzers Barbershop

Bazzers Barbershop is a barbers right in the centre of Cork City on Washington St, Of course it is a barbers with many different styles available but also a piercing studio!! Many different types of piercings are available just contact us on (021) 427 5957 or contact us on this very page, There are members only discounts to avail!
Prices for piercings as follows
Tongue:€35 laberet:€25madonna€25nose€25 finger€25eyebrow€25bellybutton€35hip€40both hips€70 nipple€40Tragus€25conch€30helix€20Rook€30Daith€30surface tragus€30vampire bite €30 bites €60 all other prices on request all prices available to members of this group only and by appointment over 16 s only without parent for certain piercings excluding nipple etc.
Further info give us a call. All.above prices are inclusive of our member discount.