You Know You're From Billingham If....

You Know You're From Billingham If.... well - you'll know you're from Billingham if you remember anything you want to tell the world about this fantastic town. Post stories, photos, videos. Favourite shop, pub, street, event - talk about here. And please remember to invite all your friends here as well - the more the merrier chatting about Billingham!

Tell us about your memories. What are the great people, places and events from Billingham's past that you'd like to share?

This Facebook group is for all folks from Billingham - and their memories. If you want to send a link to friends and family, (in an email/text/Skype etc) copy and paste this:

It's what they call a "short link" - it makes it easier to remember.

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Tips For Getting the Best From Your Billingham Group

1. Remember to scroll down, down and down to see what others have talked about, shown photos etc. And please feel free to contribute to anything - just because something was talked about days/weeks ago doesn't mean you can't have your say. Everybody has something to offer here - your memory sparks off other's memories... and then the fun begins!

2. Use the photos tab at the top of the page. Select a photo and click on it. There may well be a conversation there to join in with.

3. Usethe "Search" facility at the top right hand corner of the screen like this:
Click the magnifying glass symbol at the top right hand corner of the group window to expand the search field. Enter names or keywords that you are searching for. If those words have been posted in the group, they will appear because they either have been used the first post by someone, or in comments on that post that you are looking for. And click the correct result to see the original post.

4. Use the "Add friends to group" little box if you want to add any of your Facebook friends to this group. Start typing their names in the box and a "drop down" list of them will appear below the box.(Right hand side of the page towards the top).

5. If you want to send a link to a particular post to anyone/anywhere - just click on the "date/time", (in the light grey text) - it will open the post in another window - and then copy the URL, (internet address), from your browser.

6. "Events" - if you have any local charity or "social events" occurring in Billingham - please use the "Events" tab at the top of the page and fill in the details there. We may as well let ourselves know what's going on around Billingham! You may also post ONE notice about it in the main page. (If this is a bit technical for you - send me the details in a PRIVATE MESSAGE - go to my profile, click on "MESSAGE" in the top right hand corner - send me the details of the event, and any contact details you want to put in the ad like an email address, (mobile numbers not such a good idea))

7. How To Post A Picture On This Facebook Page

See the line of links at the top of the page here that look this:
"Write Post; Add photo/video; Ask Question; Add File"
1. Click on the one that says "Add photo/video"
2. Click on "Attach photo/video"
3. Click on the little box that says "Browse" - this will open a larger box which will allow you to find where the picture is store on your computer.
4. Click on the file name of your picture when you find it, e.g. "mypicture.jpg" - this will fill the small box next to the "Browse" button with the details on your computer where the picture is.
5. Where it says "Say something about this..." - type in there about the picture.
6. Click the "Post" button in the right hand corner.
That should post a picture to this page for you :)

Please remember with photos - if you create a photo album by going to the "Photos" page - only one or two will appear as a sample of the album on the main Facebook group page here.
If you want to make sure that ALL your photos get posted on the main Facebook page here for everyone to see and comment on, it is much better to use the "Add Photo/Video" option as described here.
I know a lot of you take a lot of time and effort in photographing things and posting them here in this group which everyone is really happy to see - so this procedure would make sure that ALL your photos are seen.
Thank you to everyone who does post photos :)

And another thing - a little reminder - pictures from other websites - please give full credit from where you got them as they may get a bit PEEVED for using them without their permission, if you didn't get their permission if permission was needed. Ta.


Most importantly - enjoy yourselves - that's what this Billingham Facebook Group is all about! :O)

The Management ;O)