Desperate Sellers of Lee County (Florida)

UPDATED 12/11/14:
1. If you have a serious issue such as proof that someone is selling a stolen item or someone is harassing you, please PM and admin (Crystal Murray or Deborah Hays) directly. DO NOT POST THE ISSUE ON THE GROUP WALL. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR CREATING UNNECESSARY DRAMA! ANYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO THE GROUPS ATTENTION WILL BE POSTED BY AN ADMIN.
2. Anyone that posts a rude comment, advertises their own items for sale on someone else’s post or comments on someone else's post when they are not interested in the item will automatically be banned. No questions asked. We’re all adults, if you can’t act like it, then you do not need to be in the group.
3. If you comment on someone's post saying you are coming to pick up and are a no show or keep changing the date/time. You are automatically banned if brought to our attention!! We all have lives and we do not have time for excuses.
4. Anyone posting spam in the group will be banned.
Aside from the above, please feel free to post whatever you like (buy/sell/trade/business). Post as many pics and updates as often as you feel necessary.

***PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINE REGARDING GUN SALES: Facebook will require private sellers who are reported for offering a gun for sale to acknowledge the relevant laws that apply to them – including that background checks may be required before completing a sale.