Franklin County Post-A-Deal

This group was created after I saw something similar for Pope County. I thought it would be a great idea because there are alot of us that use the internet more than we listen to a radio and it would just be another good way to spread the word if you are trying to sell something. RULES: Please do not make duplicate posts, if you still have something for sale and would like to bring it back to the top of the posts, just comment and it will move up. Also when posting something for sale, please list the price and if at all possible a picture of said item being sold. AFTER YOU HAVE SOLD AN ITEM OR FOUND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST IN ORDER TO KEEP THE GROUP FAIRLY ORGANIZED AND CLEAN. Also it has been asked if real estate is ok to post. I find it just fine that real estate be posted whether it is for sale or rental. Thanks and good luck.