Free Your Stuff Copenhagen


Please READ the GUIDELINES bellow:

This group is dedicated to all of us here in Copenhagen who tend to accumulate, accumulate and fill in spaces that could otherwise be used for something more interesting than storage and dust collector.

-If you have something to GIVE write that at the beginning of your message along with a description of what you are giving and the location from where it can be picked up from. If you need or want something just start your message with "NEED:";

- Please don't revive your NEED messages more than 3 times leaving some days in between pushing it up;

- Let's keep flea markets, competitions, sponsorships, petitions and surveys, cheap shop and job searches or appartment rentals for other groups. On this group people are allowed to imagine a world without money;

- This is about stuff, this means animals should not be given or asked for;

- Speciesist, racist, sexist, discriminative or aggressive posts against anyone on this group will not be tolerated and will be removed by the admins;

- If you are not sure about a person, profile, or if someone is harassing you via PM, please get in touch with the admins.

- Make contact / Messages

How you communicate in this group lies in your own hands. If you want to be contacted by PM, please notify the people about this. Note that if people who are not friends on Facebook will not always be able to contact each other. Make sure to check your "Others" messages or enable in your settings that other members could contact you via PM.

- Just write in any language that you prefer and if you or someone else doesn't understand some post, ask friendly for translation.

-Please show up when you have made an arrangement to pick up stuff.

- Who gets what?

Nobody has to explain oneself why s/he gives or needs something but do keep in mind this group aims at pairing people with stuff they need directly outside a monetary system.