Growing up in Downers Grove, Illinois 1950's on...

PLEASE READ: Hello people, this "Closed Group" is dedicated to everybody who was born, grew up, moved to or spent time in Downers Grove Illinois during the 50's, 60's and 70's, and attended North, South or a local parochial high school, class of 1950 through 1980.

Our Demographics: When requesting membership, or when a member is adding or inviting a friend to join us, please remember that "Growing up in Downers Grove, Illinois 1950's on..." is a limited interest group for boomer generation people who grew up or went to school in Downers Grove, Il. during the 50's and up through the 70's, though we do have a few youngsters who graduated in the 80's and a few friends from surrounding towns who hung out with us back then too.
Exceptions will be made on individual basis with approval by Admin.

If there is nothing in or on your profile that allows us to recognize you as a friend or alumni, or your privacy settings are set high, please don't be insulted that my paladin, Edward St George, contacts you and inquires as to your connection to our group.
Please keep an eye on your In/Other message boxs.

For those who meet our minimal criteria, we look forward to sharing our memories and yours.

All we ask is that you play nice, be courteous and stay relevant to the theme of finding old friends, making new friends, and passing on the memories that we all have of this great little town we all love.

Please go to your 'Edit Settings' at the top of the page if you wish to turn off receiving emails or notices!

Truly, Admin.

PS; Thank you Cathy Ademac- Pacian for starting this group page 08/05/11