Hot rod trading, 1972 and under

1972 and older ...this is a page for people that would like to a different PRE 1972 CLASSIC /VINTAGE kool car or truck and would rather trade then pay cash. maybe some cash difference on some deals but thats up to the sellers. Admins can except or deny your ad if its a later then a 1972, older car haulers are excepted, and certain auto parts, no tractors, bikes, campers or boats will be allowed. Thanks, the admins.

All posts need to include the following:
Asking price..... $1 posts or "make an offer" posts will get deleted. Even if you want to just trade you must include an amount or range your looking for.
Location.... we need to know where you are so we can decide if the buyer and seller are close enough to possibly make a deal on your Hot Rod

Also..... a non negotiable rule....
If you block any admin for any reason, you will be removed and banned......