ICMAT Ice Cream Mobilers & Associated Trades

ICMAT was created in 2011 with its aim to become a one stop shop for help, advice and ideas for people involved in the Ice Cream Industry and Associated trades. Although it cant claim to have been the first Ice cream group to be set up on Facebook it can claim to be the longest running and established group as others have fallen by the wayside. Other groups have since been set up but what keeps ICMAT ahead of the rest is the standards it sets and expects from its members. We have already established links with many of the leading Company's in the industry from Vehicle builders, Van Insurance, Point of Sale, Ice cream Manufacturers and also boast several members of the Ice Cream Alliance among our ranks. If you are involved in the Ice Cream Industry and are serious about the job that you do then put a request to join. If we can determine you have a genuine account your in :-)