Skagit Valley Buy, Sell, Trade and/or Free (Adult Items Only)

This group is for selling adult items only and I mean not "ADULT" items just not kids items, we love our kids and what to provide lovely things for them but sometimes we just want to shop for ourselves! Post any items that you would buy for yourself or other adults, please no baby/kids clothes, toys, diapers, etc... this group is for the grown-ups. Please this is a drama free zone anyone can join and post only a few rules:


1. You can bump once every 24 hours.

2. If you say your are going to buy something, follow through.sellers please give 24 hrs to make arrangements before moving to the next person. also if you need to sell something fast please say so by posting need gone asap, first come first serve, or something to that affect.

3. Communicate always! We are all great people that just want to sell and buy stuff.please make sure when setting up a meets that you both understand the time and place that you are expected to be there. Once a price is agreed apon on the group or through messaging the seller and not raise the price at the time of the meet. however if buyers are not happy with conditions of product they can offer less but seller doesnt have to agree to sale. If you meet someone please look the items over once the exchange happens getting your money back is slim to non. so please check size of items and look for any rips or stains.

4. You don't have to live in Skagit Valley to post or buy in this group but you will have to at least make arrangements to meet here trying to keep the gas cost down I am sure is a goal for all.

5. this is not a place to run scams. all post that seem to be scams will be removed without question. Also do not ask someone to pay for a product they will not be getting at the time of the meet. setting up payment arrangements is up to the seller but needs to be a writen agreement

6. large store are not to post sales on this group. home or private businesses such as photography, home cleaning, babysitting, daycare, from home hair care, or other sevives being offered my a person are ok but will be limited to one post per week.
7. ISO or INO post need to be limited to one per person per day and prior post needs to be removed before posting a new iso or ino post
8. you must comment on an item to be in line for it. line jumping is not allowed. you may NOT offer more money for an item to be moved up in line.
child items will be removed from the page items that will be called child items include : child size clothing, breast pumps, child size or child uses items
other items not allowed for sale : drug use items, fire arm, sexual items, tobacco items

As admins work together to run this group we make decided what will be allowed or not allowed as a group. if you are not happy with our rules or they way we run things feel free to leave