LodiVille Buy and Sell - Lodi, Stockton, Elk Grove and surrounding areas

Please read:*
Please watch how to Create, Maintain and Delete a photo album – .Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6Szfo-SN3Y

*When purchasing a cell phone ask the seller for the ESN number so you may check if the phone is able to be transferred and it is not still under contract or stolen.

*NO blocking or arguing with Admins. Instant Ban.

*Bumping or commenting to bring your items back to the front page is allowed - please be considerate of other members so we all get a turn. Once a day only.

*NO animal sales of any kind. Lost and found animals are okay to post.*No Seeking Animals for breeding. Too many are asking for deposits and not fulfilling their obligations. This is for your protection.Non Profit local shelter posts area okay.

*Facebook rules that we follow: click here for all details about weapons etc: https://www.facebook.com/help/174908809241578/?q=guns&sid=09aGCfhwe16I9oYER

*Please NO Arguing, Drama or negative posts *No Scams*No Bidding, put clear prices on items. No fundraising without permission first.

*NO Foul language or slander of another person or business.

*NO Adult Sex Toys, suggestive posts, scantily clad pictures or toy Party invitations are allowed.

*NO Drug, Alcohol or Tobacco related products, or paraphernalia allowed. (if it is a collectors type item please ask an admin first before posting as some are permitted.

*NO baby formula or food. For safety reasons.

*NO advertising other groups or ad sites of any kind here within this group unless they are a group that belongs to Jude Hodge the same creator of this group. We built this group one member at a time without spamming other groups and expect the same consideration.

*NO SPAMMING the group with Weight Loss or work from home ads of any kind. No selling the products here as well. No diet/health products sold here at all. Used or new please.

*EXCEPTION: If you make craft items, or just work at home in a legitimate business that is licensed within your city and you’re not an Independent distributor of a corp. based home business then it is okay to post here up to once per day as permitted for all businesses that are local.

*FAKES: Purses, clothing etc....If you are selling a knock off and not an authentic designer item you MUST say so. Please personal sales only not an outlet for vendor fakes and knockoffs.

The group creator/admins do not expect or take commissions in any form and assumes no responsibility whatsoever with any and all items sold or offered. Complaints with any and all items offered or sold shall be the sole responsibility of the seller. Admins will remove any identified fraudulent offer(s)/deal(s) and the member(s) responsible for such offer(s)/deal(s) as they see them.
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