Soul-full Abodes for the Tribe Northern NSW

Welcome to the Soul-Full Abodes Tribe :)


Soul-Full Abodes for the Tribe (Northern NSW) is a social network group site for folks, family, tribe in the Rainbow Region that are either looking for or have a place to rent... be it a house, room, cabin, studio... in town, in da hills, on acreage, wherever... or you may know someone who does.

This group is only intended for the exact purposes of finding and offering genuine accommodation for people choosing to LIVE in the Shire.

♥ Soul-full is a Circle ...a family/ tribe of Love, Kindness, Respect and Peace and you are asked to uphold this intent and essence in true community spirit at all times.

♥ Soul-full is NOT a COMMUNITY FORUM...please create your own to discuss your 'issues'.

* Also any member posting or commenting disrespectful and inflammatory remarks about or on other members posts that creates discord..dissension ..incites other members to comment creating more duality will be removed from the group.

***** Holiday rentals, homes for sale, other ads are NOT accepted.


Please MONITOR DAILY until such time the abode is taken/found.
When the abode is taken a follow up ASAP by writing a comment stating "Taken"/"Rented" or "Yay found my abode!" :)
After which your post & pics will be "hidden" from the page to free it up however it will still be retained in the system for future use if needed.

~ Be CLEAR and include as many DETAILS as possible (rent, child/pet friendly etc) and how you would like to be contacted ie: via private message, phone number or email etc.
~ Remember to check 'other' msgs in your inbox
~ Also tagging the member when you comment is a plus.

♥ Please keep all photos in ONE POST. (If photos are uploaded separately, you can copy and paste the photo link in comments of original post)

♥ REMEMBER to RESPOND & REPLY to ALL questions or queries by interested folk ASAP. Also tagging the member can speed up their reply.

* NB Multiple posts will be deleted, you can bump your post to the top by adding a comment to it. (Reposting every day only fills up the page thus making it unfair for others)

Thank YOU from the admin circle...♥