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This is a friendly group for members to Buy - Sell or Trade.

*no sales/re-homing of dogs and cats. This includes ISO Dogs or Cats - We will only allow postings of Lost or missing animals. You may look for pets on "Southern Utah Animals and Livestock" "Cedar/Enoch Pets Blog Shop" "Utah Animals Forever Homes"

*MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! No Harassment or Swearing.
*This is not a bidding site.
* Please NO 'make an offer'. Prices and information NEEDS to be on posts or they will be removed.
*No inappropriate comments.
* Do not post your items for sale on another person's listings. Make your own post.
* Please go down in order of those that are interested in the items. It is rude and inconsiderate to skip through those that are interested.
*Please delete your sold posts - Or tag an admin so we can do it.
*We will work on a 3 strike policy, if it's something we feel is minor you will be warned, it may be on the site or it may be inbox. 3rd strike your gone. But if it is a severe enough issue - you will be banned - send a pm as to why.
* we are not babysitters nor are we paid to do this so please understand where we are coming from with the nonsense.
*We have the right to refuse anyone at anytime, meaning we can remove you if we all agree that you have done something that calls for you to be removed.
*only 5 Active posts at a time. 4-5 bumps a day. Excessive posts will just be removed without notice.
*If you have an issue, you need to use inbox not the site for your fights or disagreements.
*there is a place called"Cedar City Pout and Shout"and "Cedar City Rant and Rave" you can go to if you need to complain about anything on here or warn anyone of a seller or buyer.
*If something is broken, state that before you sell. If anything is stolen is sold, you will be banned immediately.
*if you are not local you MUST specify this at the start of your post.

*Please make smart choices - if you get ripped off you cannot come crying and blame the admins.
*If you get banned, do not make 800 fake profiles - you will be removed for each and every one. My advice - don't get banned :)

If you have any issues - contact an admin : Evamarie Cade Leeder, Dawn Gronowski, Dani Renee Smith, Christina Madsen, Debbie Simmons, Whitney Buoy Chiaramonte and/or Sheena Chamberlain