Person County Yard Sale

Welcome to Person County Yard Sale Group!!!

This page was created to allow local residents of Person County, as well as the immediate areas surrounding it, a place to sell no longer needed/wanted items.

***Please do not post traditional drop side cribs, alcohol, ANY FOOD, this includes but not limited to FORMULA, INFANT CEREAL, or JUICES, or any WEAPONS!!! THEY WILL BE REMOVED...AND IF YOU RE-POST IT, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GROUP!!***

***If you do not contact an admin with problems, we can not help. Please allow up to 24 HOURS for response***

There are just a few RULES that we ask all members to follow:

1. Be respectful to others, their items, and their time! This means MEET people when you say, BUY what you say, and ONLY ask things to be HELD if you plan to actually BUY them.

AMENDMENT: This also means do not post, comment, or email negative messages about others, calling them by name. This causes problems and will NOT be tolerated. PRIVATELY message the person and/or an admin with problems.

2. Any member found to be trash talking someone else will be deleted from the group! This also applies to anyone that is causing issues for other members. Any comments not pertaining to the buying or selling of an item will be deleted. Reposting will result in banning from the group.

3. BUMPING: In order to avoid strict rules on bumping items,be polite and bump items once per day, spaced out over the day. If we have more complaints we will return to the limitations.

4. Practice safety when meeting someone for a transaction! Meet in a well lit, public place, or take someone with you when going to a person's home. WE CAN NO LONGER MEET AT WALMART OR PALACE POINT. Places we know are allowed are ROSES (side closest to Advance Auto, away from the road) and TG BROOKS STORE (only on Sundays when they are closed).

5. If you are wondering if a certain item is allowed to be posted in the group, contact one of the admins, which are Beth Allen, Sharon Harvatt, Janet T Edwards and Heather Clack Taylor. We will use the same guidelines as the Marketplace on Facebook to determine what is acceptable.

6. If you have sold an item, please attempt to find it on the page and DELETE it. If you can not find or delete it, please NOTIFY the admins so that we can do it.

Thanks for joining the Person County Yard Sale Group!